A Selection of the latest projects of which i’ve been part

 Resume

/ Andrea Biagioni

Year 2016

Visual e Creative Direction
Andrea Biagioni is an italian emerging musician and singer, after X Factor experience we started a creative collaboration Which purpose is to make His live performances and tour's dates aesthetically representative of His art. Andrea is wearing KIDZ

/ Live Signage

Year 2016

Identity & Creative Direction, UX Design
Visual & Identity design for Live Signage, a new italian digital signage service company in partnership with Samsung. Livesignage.it
All rights at Live Signage

Twins Florence

Year 2016

Web Design e Social Compaign
E-commerce design and social launch for italian brand Twins Florence.
Web Art Direction: Federigo Gabellieri / Photo: Luca Merli / Fashion Designer: Linda Calugi
All rights at Twins Florence


Year 2016

Redesign & Rebranding,
social and print compaign
Social and print campaign for the GQ Italy restyling launch.
Art Direction: Federigo Gabellieri / Motion Design: MYBOSSWAS / Music: SoundIdentity
All rights at Condé Nast Italy

/ WeManageGroup

Year 2016

Redesign & Rebranding,
Identity and website
Since 2013, Wemanage Group assists fashion companies in developing a solid business strategy and achieving long‑term success. Creative Direction and Design by Federigo Gabellieri & Francio Ferrari.


/ V.V by KIDZ

Year 2013/2016

Identity, digital and print design, e-commerce
KIDZ is a fashion project i started few years ago with my fellow Augusto Titoni.
As creative consultant, i manage all the visual product, the fair's promotions,
the identity in general. We've been part of Pitti Immagini Uomo (Florence),
Alta Roma Artisanal Intelligence (Rome), White Trade Show (Milan)



Year 2015

Stationery and ToolKit Design
Cisco Systems, Inc. is an American multinational technology company headquartered in San Jose, California. In collaboration with Propellerfish London and 1:1 Studio in Milan we made this toolkit for the NYC’s Offices workgroups. Here a couple of pics.

/ Self Branding

Year 2016

My Identity


/ GQ Italy Misc

Year 2013/2016

Art Direction, illustration, editorial design


Year 2015

Identity and Website Design

SECUTUR  is an advisor & service firm born in 2000 specialized in historic houses, with the exclusive aim to offer a broad range of solutions to the needs of every owner. This is the new corporate design.


Monnaie de Paris

Year 2014

Identity & Type Design

Founded in 864 AD and located on the Quai de Conti, Monnaie de Paris is the oldest French institution. It is in the process of being transformed into a cultural and commercial hub, featuring a contemporary art space as well as two high-end restaurants, courtesy of Michelin-star chef Guy Savoy. I worked with Apart as designer for the corporate and typo identity. All Right @ Apart Collective


/ Glamour Italia

Year 2015

Illustration and Digital Design
Glamour Beauty Identikit

Glamour.it is the new Glamour Italia website.
I specifically worked on the visual identity, a custom animated icon set and a full set of 200 illustrations made in order to let people to make their own “identikit”by selecting  haircuts, skin tones, eye color etc


/ Studiopretzel

Year 2016

Digital identity, e-commerce

Studiopretzel was created as a brand for fashion business, with a particular attention to “lightness”, something that reminds of Italo Calvino’s literature.
Following this mood the collections disclose into soft lines, with the creation of comfortable and “ready to wear” clothes very close to the East and fulfills the concept of a relaxed elegance, creating wider clothes but nevertheless precise in the colors and in the sartorial cuts, wisely handmade in Tuscany.  


/ GQ Italy

Year 2013/14

Digital Magazine Art direction e Design

As Condè Nast Digital Designer i redesigned the GQ Digital Replica. Starting from the magazine's restyling made by Mike Meirè(Meiré und Meiré), i developed a new way of interact with contents, videos and animations. Focusing on two different way of interaction, portrait and landscape, i re-designed all the layouts in order to go deeper into the magazine's themes and articles.
Creative Direction: Meiré und Meiré / Art Direction: Federigo Gabellieri  / Animations: MYBOSSWAS

/ Think Content

Year 2015

Native Content Digital Farm identity and launch

In 2016 Condé Nast Italy released  a brand new Native adv digital farm, i designed the identity.


/ Timbuktu Magazine

Year 2013

Digital Illustration

Timbuktu Magazine is a prizewinning digital magazine for children. I made some character designs for a funny game in which weird "prompters" show some advice in order to suggest the correct answer to put in the boxes below.


Marks and Logos

Year 2012/16

Brand designer


Year 2012

Painting & Publication

aBean is a personal project about my personal vision about creative process and "co-creation" in terms of natural limits. As creative i well know how much limits can change any kind of spontenous mutations, how much time, stress and many other variables could interact in order to force an idea into unknown fields. My analysis started from a simple bean, which change depending on weather variables, mainly on light changes. Then, blindfolded, i tried to paint what my mind quickly suggested me, and the results were so unexpected and unconscious that i decided to write my own theory about creativity, interaction, and creative views.


Year 2012

Identity and Stationery

MOUSE it's a project made for Movimento Universitario Senese in Siena, Italy. They asked me to realize a new mark and a new stationery.



Year 2015

Rebranding launch and social compaign

/ Vogue Talents

Year 2015

Video & Motion Art Direction

/ Sky Italia_TIFA2013

Year 2013

Identity & Digital Design

Teaching Experience

/ IED Milan

Year 2015

Special Projects Professor

/ FUA Florence

Year 2012

Special Projects Professor